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Specialists of Bernard Buffet's work

Find in the art galleries works of art from the 1950s to the present day. Since 2000, several galleries have specialized in the works of Bernard Buffet.

Visit them online to view a permanent display of a selection of masterpieces by the expressionist painter Bernard Buffet.

Among the works on display are watercolors, mixed media, etchings, original lithographs and inks. The Estades Gallery website allows art lovers to buy or sell a work by the French painter.

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Focus on contemporary artists

Damien Colcombet

Damien Colcombet

  • Animal sculptor
  • Bronze sculpture of Saint Irénée
  • The lion and the tortoise
Cat Sirot

Cat Sirot

  • Plastic artist born in 1971
  • Monumental bronzes
  • Ostrich large size
Pascal Goet

Pascal Goet

  • Art photographer
  • Macrophotography of animals and plants
  • Contemplation of Nature


The Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art
of Strasbourg (MAMCS)

The Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Strasbourg is a real “interior street” that distributes numerous spaces exhibiting contemporary and modern art collections. The MAMCS also houses the Graphic Art and Photography cabinet. The museum of 5000 m² is dedicated to the presentation of works, more on


The most famous works of art in the world

When we talk about the most famous paintings in the world, we should not forget Italian paintings and renaissance fine arts in general. The most famous works of art in the world are also valuable and expensive, you may find them on This is the case of Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci, the School of Athens by Raphael, The Creation of Adam by Michelangelo…

Mona Lisa

The Portrait of Mona Lisa or Mona Lisa is a painting by Leonardo da Vinci of Florentine Lisa Gerardini.

The School of Athens

The School of Athens is a symbolic fresco presenting the figures of ancient thought.

The Creation of Adam

The Creation of Adam is a work by Michelangelo as part of one of the nine frescoes in the book of Genesis.

The Girl with the Pearl

The Girl with a Pearl dates from 1665. It is an oil painting by the Dutch artist Johannes Vermeer.



Where to buy Art in Paris?

When buying art, don’t rely on your own personal taste. Instead, trust your instincts when purchasing a piece of art that you like. Art lovers should make their first purchases with a path to their personal collections in mind.

Those who are still searching for their style can rent art to hang in their living rooms before making their first purchases.

To buy art in Paris, you can use a specialized platform. Alternatively, you can visit art galleries to buy paintings during an exhibition-sale.


Painters, sculptors, drawers,
art photographers

Are you looking for a particular work? Go to virtual galleries to find fine arts classified by artists or by works. You can also find masterpieces that interest you by browsing the thematic art catalogs: photography, painting, sculpture, drawing.