Where can we see Bernard Buffet’s clowns in Paris ?

Bernard Buffet's work is immense and his collection of clowns is presented in the best art galleries of the capital. It has captivated the hearts of art lovers from all over the world. Visit one of the largest galleries in Paris to discover this collection of clown faces, marked in turn by joy and sadness, going from light to dark.

A mythical painter of the 20th century !

Bernard Buffet has become a legend among the greatest talents of 20th century painting, alongside Matisse, Picasso, Salvador Dali... If you are passionate about his work, you can discover the particularities of Bernard Buffet's clowns on this link. The painter designed his first clown in 1955, which was followed by a number of other famous clowns. In Paris, you can admire the paintings from the clown collection at the Diane de Polignac Gallery of Modern Art, which organises exhibitions of Bernard Buffet's work throughout the year. The gallery is located in the heart of Saint-Germain-des-Prés and attracts a crowd of enthusiasts who come especially to see the clowns.

Bernard Buffet and his collection of clowns !

Art galleries in the capital regularly hold exhibitions of this world-famous collection. It is also worth noting that most of the clown paintings can be found in Japan in his famous Surugadaira museum. The best galleries in Paris and Ile-de-France devote special days to works from the clown collection. You can consult the contemporary art directory to find one near you. Art salons are also places where you can admire Bernard Buffet's clown paintings.

Go to a good art gallery or museum !

Would you like to see some of the paintings in Bernard Buffet's clown collection ? There are several well-known art galleries in the capital that have exhibitions of Buffet and his famous clown lithographs. To find one near you, you can consult the Internet page dedicated to the painter. An art gallery, such as Estades Paris, will also be able to guide you in your research. It is even possible that the gallery itself will organise an exhibition, fair or event dedicated to Bernard Buffet, as the artist's works are prized by art lovers all over the world. In Paris, the Musée national d'art moderne du Centre Pompidou also exhibits paintings from the clown collection.
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