Focus on the MAMCS, the Museum of Modern Art in Strasbourg

Created in 1973, the Museum of Modern Art of Strasbourg or MAMCS houses a collection of works of art such as paintings, sculptures, photographs, etc.. These works will allow you to go back in time from 1870 to today. Discover the wonders of this museum that deserve special attention. 

The exhibition of modern art to make you shiver

The Museum of Modern Art in Strasbourg will make you explore impressionism, neo-impressionism, symbolism as well as figuration of the interwar period. On the first floor of this establishment, you will see the works of many famous artists such as Rodin, Renoir, Gaugin, Signacn Kandisky, Van Doesburg, etc. Indeed, it is precisely around these two great figures of Strasbourg, Gustave Doré and Jean Arp, that the collection of modern art has been structured and it is Germany, Alsace and France that have enriched the collection.

Relive the contemporary era by contemplating the exhibitions

The personality of the Museum of Modern Art in Strasbourg is composed of contemporary collections. This one is more marked by the European influence. When contemplating these exhibitions, you will immediately notice the domination of the art of the 60s and 70s which are well represented. A collection of works by the great demolitionists of painting and the makers of individual mythologies are also on display. German neo-expressionist artists and Russian artists also have a glorious place in this contemporary collection. Outside, you can also see several works such as those by Mario Merz and Séverine Hubard.

The graphic design cabinet and the photo collection

Besides the evocation of contemporary and modern art, the Museum of Modern Art in Strasbourg also has two collections. These are the graphic arts cabinet and the photographic collection cabinet. The first exhibits thousands of works that are classified into three main groups. Among them, there is the Gustave Doré collection which was acquired in 1992. Then there is the large collection of posters from the Belle Époque, which dates from 1920-1930. An important group of German artists from Symbolism to Expressionism appeared and their constitution is linked to the history of Strasbourg. The photographic collection is based on a large number of photographs donated by Charles Winter in the 1920s. These were supplemented by a large number of wartime photographs collected by Jacqueline Rau and donated in 1992. There is also a collection of contemporary photographers such as Witkin, Mapthorpe, Molinier and young artists, built up since 1980.
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