Adam Martinakis: a clever mix of Art and Digital

Published on : 29 November 20213 min reading time
Adam Martinakis is a futuristic digital sculptor based in Athens. The artist stands out for his three-dimensional productions offering surrealist paintings of the human form. One panel after another, Adam Martinakis manages to reveal a sense of emotional appeal through fragmentation. Since 2000, the futurist has been working on computers and experimenting with digital video, 3D digital sculpture and animation.

A genius of digital painting

The Polish Greco artist, Adam Martinakis, is known for his digital painting. His works stand out for their surrealist forms that come as close to reality as possible. He studied industrial design, decorative arts and interior architecture in his early years. He started working with computers in 2000, to create new visual media (digital video, animation, 3D image). Thanks to his good reputation, the painter teaches ceramic design, interior design, graphic design and digital arts in many art institutes. Currently, the artist creates the most extraordinary digital sculptures. Each rendering of the painter gives the impression of wriggling creature, with surreal images of altruistic configuration. One piece after another, artist Adam Martinakis manages to communicate a sense of lethargy, especially for segmentation. Although the structures appear metallic in appearance, their reproduction by an assortment of many small things makes the whole exquisite. Indeed, many of the artist’s sculptures are fragmented.

A painter inspired by Frankenstein

The artist Adam Martinakis draws his inspiration from Frankenstein’s productions for his reconstruction of extraordinary works. He creates a graphic interpretation of the human condition with a perpetual search for purpose. He often explores the human form by deconstructing it through sediment and presenting it in layers of what looks like veins. You can see this in one of his productions called “Golden Boy”. It is an almost realistic painting of a young boy. This digital fantasist makes paintings with a mixture of futurism and surrealism. His work combines science and philosophy, to create works of art.

A fantasist who will continue to seduce with innovative techniques

The artist Adam Martinakis wants, through his works, to communicate strong emotions. He has chosen to make the digital tool a true ally to paint his avant-garde vision of man. Vigorous forms, generally galvanized, refer to delectable structures, capable of breaking into a million pieces. Martinakis does not hesitate to shake up the habits of human beings and to surprise them. He describes his works as a fusion of conceptual symbolism and post-imaginary futurism. He has already won numerous awards, exhibited all over the world, and does not hesitate to continue to travel the universe and to use innovative techniques.

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