Pierre Boncompain : an artist who is recognised for his plunging framings

Pierre Boncampin is currently seen as the master of contemporary paintings. He was born in Valence in 1938 and had a passion for painting since his childhood. His works are highly regarded worldwide, heir to the colourist tradition, he has exhibited his art for over fifty years in Europe, Asia, the United States, and of course throughout France. He was recently the subject of a major retrospective at the Musée d'Art Contemporain Saint Martin in Montélimar, as well as a special exhibition in honour of the donation he made of his collections to the museum in his native town.

Who exactly is Pierre Boncompain ?

Pierre Boncompain is a world-renowned figure with an impressive career. He studied at the Lycée Émile Loubet before entering the Collège Saint-Joseph in Avignon. In 1959, he decided to enter the École Nationale Supérieure des arts décoratifs. During his studies, he was selected as promoted major. In 1953, he continued his studies at the National Academy of Fine Arts. In the 1970s he won the Grand Prix de la Critique. After his numerous exhibitions in 1961 and his appearance on the walls of Art France in Paris, he was quickly recognised. He also participated in numerous cultural activities in France and in many foreign countries. You can find Pierre BONCOMPAIN's works available for sale on estades.com.

The value of Pierre Boncompain’s work on the art market :

Pierre Boncampin's works are highly sought after on the art market. In the last ten years, some watches have even increased in price. However, several parameters can justify a higher or lower price, such as size, quality, painting style, theme and the current condition of the work. To understand the value of a painting, it is recommended to request a free online estimate. On a dedicated website, experts can provide you with an approximate price for one of Pierre Boncompain's works. All you have to do is send a photo and a basic description. The answer will be sent to you within 72 hours. However, in order to benefit from an additional expertise, they must go there to evaluate the authenticity of the object.

Where can I find Pierre Boncompain's work ?

You can visit a gallery specialising in contemporary art. The gallery owner will be happy to welcome you in his salon and make you a very interesting offer. When buying, tell them your requirements and they will do their best to find a table that meets your expectations. Online galleries are also available. The exchange can also be done remotely, which saves you time and energy. To find your dream table, simply browse the catalogue of the online gallery. You can also find good deals through online auctions.
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