Hom Nguyen : the talent and mastery of contemporary portraiture

Nowadays, the art world is facing a visible evolution like every other field. As a result, many new artists have started to practice their own arts which are considered contemporary art to this day. It is difficult to change completely and art does not change, it only adapts to the time to which it belongs or even projects itself completely into the future. Also, there is no such thing as bad art, just the originality of the artist in question. Hom Nguyen is one of these contemporary artists, he specializes in portraiture more exactly.

Who is Hom Nguyen exactly?

The artist Hom Nguyen was born on September 20, 1972 in France but comes from a Vietnamese family. Moreover, he is interested in drawing very early but it is not the activity that he practices at the origin. Indeed, coming from a modest family, he must ensure the family needs by working as a shoe salesman. Moreover, it is through the leather of the shoes that they begin these artistic works at the death of his mother in 2009. He then began by making the shoe patina. It is an artistic technique that aims to customize in his way the shoes.

Works of the artist that is Hom Nguyen

Coming from an immigrant family, the first works of Hom Nguyen mark the melancholy of his mother's immigration to a new country. As a result, these early creations, if not almost every one of them, have a particularly oriental style. These works reflect these emotions in relation to the reality itself. In the art world, it is often said that the works reflect much more of the author's life and personality and this is especially true of the artist Hom Nguyen. Besides that, many works are also known to the general public such as the portrait of Michelle Obama or the life in pink of Edith Piaf and there are still many others.

The success of Hom Nguyen at the moment

 Today, it is clear that the works of Hom Nguyen are a must in terms of portraiture as a contemporary artist. The artist is becoming more and more known thanks to his works but especially to his technique. Indeed, he does not define the model but rather plays on the way of seeing. Besides that, the artist Hom Nguyen is also very invested in humanitarian acts. Indeed, in 2014, he organized an auction that won more than 200,000 euros for the children of Mekong.
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