Art 42, the urban art museum in a computer school

In big cities around the world, some main streets and public places are decorated with graffiti, photo mosaics. The first urban art museum is located in the center of the computer school 42 in the 17th district of Paris. This art has evolved enormously on a worldwide scale. In France, urban art has been publicly and officially recognized. Within the computer school, the art gallery exhibits its artistic beauties and its particularities with urban art. But what is urban art?

What do we mean by urban art?

Urban art is an artistic activity, but also a harmonious way of expressing a talent from the artists composed of young people. An artistic expression that is progressing since the XXI century, showing the arts of the neighborhoods, in different public places. This new formula shown by photos and images of paintings and writings with different colored styles transmits messages to the public. In France, more precisely in Paris, the Art 42 museum fully exhibits contemporary urban art, a gallery not quite like any other. Urban art or street art encompasses various methods: stickers, graffiti ... Urban art is made in the streets or in public places.

The Art 42 a gallery like no other

The Art 42 museum is really unique. With a surface of 4 000 m² this museum is one of the most spacious artistic and cultural places. It is located in the heart of a school created for young people wanting to learn computer science in 96 boulevard Bessieres in Paris. It is the first street-art of France collecting and hosting different French urban art, like graffiti, photos in mosaic mode. The museum is a symbol showing local talents, but also exposing the artistic beauties and cultural particularities of a country.   

Its artistic beauties and cultural particularities

The Art 42 museum shows its artistic beauties and cultural peculiarities through the urban art works exhibited and displayed in the famous museum. More than 170 works are exhibited, making it the first urban art museum in France. The sculptures and photos display their artistic and cultural beauties. All these wonders attract not only young people, but also domestic and foreign tourists. In general, urban art is beginning to take place in almost every part of the world's great city. Urban art especially shows the cultural diversity that can be found in a city or a nation.
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