Contemporary artist mergent : zoom on Cat Sirot’s phospholuminescent boxes

Art is without doubt one of the strongest expressions of human nature. It realizes an effective synergy between the perception of the real world and the technique to create a unique work in the world. Currently, a French artist is opening the world of art to new perspectives with her famous phospholuminescent boxes. These works, signed Cat Sirot, produce surprising effects. How does the artist Cat Sirot manage to make these phospholuminescent boxes into works of art that are prized worldwide?

Quick biography of the artist Cat Sirot

Cat Sirot is an emerging figure in French art production. She was born in 1971 in Paris and distinguished herself early on by her talent and passion for painting. Later, she integrated specialized institutions that allowed her to bring her genius to a professional level. She studied at the Bugeant-Begeault Academy before entering the School of Applied Arts in Poitiers. Her student career continued with her enrollment in the Beaux-Arts de Poitiers, which built up a wealth of techniques and imagination in the person of the artist Cat Sirot. This talent will allow him to make an original marriage of painting and sculpture through his famous phospholuminescent boxes.

Phospholuminescent box, when science perfects art

The artist Cat Sirot had the idea to make his artworks appear under different aspects during daylight and night lighting. The work in question is a sculpture painted with materials with phospholuminescent properties. This means that the paint reflects the incident light in such a way as to change its wavelength. A calculated mixture of paint and a particular arrangement of the work allow a different light perception. This field of knowledge is a combination of quantum physics and synthetic chemistry. The artist Cat Sirot has taken advantage of the products of science for his production of beauty.

Art and reflection, senses hidden behind the phospholuminescent boxes

Cat Sirot's works are rich in meaning. She has mixed her thoughts on human nature, desire and love into her sculptures and paintings. Painters and sculptors are deep characters who can only be understood after a careful analysis of their work. Indeed, the work of art is a material realization of the emotions and visions of the world that the artist possesses. The artist Cat Sirot has realized this by using phospholuminescent materials as a base material.
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