Paris: The Lavo Matik, a treasure chest of urban art

To escape from the various problems encountered in this world, each person has their own escape routes. There are those who choose sports, those who choose to sleep or other things, but there are also those who choose to immerse themselves in art. It is a vast universe where one can express oneself and bring out one's emotions as one wishes. Whether one is the artist who created the work or a lover of the various works, art can give peace to the person who visits it. There are places in the city dedicated to art to bring together all kinds of enthusiasts to talk about their hobbies in complete freedom. Among these places, there is one that particularly attracts attention: Lavo Matik.

A soothing atmosphere

The name of this place refers to a laundromat. As in these places, and the people who frequent them know it well, the Lavo Matik Paris museum reconciles freshness, lightness, but also conviviality. But the comparison stops there, because Lavo Matik is a much more welcoming place. We find there white walls which carry several original works of several promising artists as Jef Aerosol, Jérôme Mesnager, or also Rea One. The wall is decorated according to the different temporary exhibitions and vernissages that take place in most of the time.

An easy escape to find

This unique artistic meeting place was founded in 2014 by Benoît Maître or Ben Spizz, who is a writer, graffiti artist and musician. You can feel the vibe here, which can vary from rock'n'roll to colorful art. It is located near the boulevard du Général Jean Simon, in the 13th district of Paris. Being in a very remarkable place, it is difficult to miss it if you pass in this area. You could buy there various works, but also other anodyne objects like vinyls or CDs of new artists good to know.

A versatile place for all tastes

When you enter the Lavo Matik Paris museum, you can describe it in many ways. It can feel like a bookstore, a gallery, but sometimes also like a store. You can find original objects such as pins, badges, trinkets or even decorative caps. From t-shirts, silkscreens to different magazines, the Lavo Matik Paris museum is a perfect place to relax after a hard day at work.
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