A visit to the Château de Montsoreau in Maine-et-Loire is a must in contemporary art

In a castle of the Loire, in the Loire Valley, is the castle of Montsoreau. It is built on a rocky promontory at the confluence of the Loire and the Vienne. It is the only castle to have been built in the bed of the river. It is a great museum of contemporary art where extraordinary exhibitions are held. The latter reflect the creativity of today's artists. A visit to this castle is a must if you are passing through the town of Montsoreau.

Family and school activities in the castle of Montsoreau

In the museum Château de Montsoreau, there are various activities for children and for the whole family. Namely, there is the graffiti workshop which is led by a mediator of the museum. It is in fact a workshop which approaches the history of the current graffiti including its codes, its rules as well as its historical actors. Graffiti in the castle is the starting point to share and create personal works on the wall of expression in family. There are also school activities with a guide. During this adventure, you will have the opportunity to discover the great architectural phrases of the castle as well as the characters who have marked its history, such as Charles VII, Anne of Brittany, etc.

The historical kitchens of the Château de Montsoreau: a visit not to be missed

During your visit to the Château de Montsoreau museum, a chef from the restaurant JEAN 2 will welcome you on the roof terrace. He will tell you the history of the village of Montsoreau. Thus, you will have the opportunity to know more about this exceptional building. At the same time, you will have the privilege of tasting a selection of 6 different natural wines and other local homemade products. For each of these wines, the restaurant's chef will give you information about the winemaker and its provenance. Throughout the evening, you will be able to admire the magnificent view of the Loire River, the village and the Château de Montsoreau.

A free visit in the Castle of Montsoreau

Apart from these programs, you can also take an open house while contemplating the contemporary art collections of the Château de Montsoreau museum. You can discover the castle chapel and the Seneschaussian Palace, which is located in the old castle walls. While walking through the halls of the castle, you will be impressed by the permanent collection of the museum, which is the most important collection of art and language in the world, and by the temporary exhibitions.
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