Galerie Sakura, urban art in the Marais

Visiting a gallery is not just a hobby. Getting your paintings will delight your heart, and decorate the walls of your house. This article tells you about the Sakura galley and what it's all about.

Various conceptions of the word "gallery

It is a path used by pedestrians, on which stores or premises for art exhibitions are located. It also refers to a collection of works exhibiting paintings placed side by side. As an example, we can point out the Sakura gallery in Paris. On the other hand, a wide indoor or outdoor covered passageway leading to a building and serving as a communication channel can also be called a "gallery". Besides that, in a theater, a gallery is the highest balconies. It can also be translated as an underground corridor. However, whatever the various meanings, those that are consistent with the theme are the most accepted.

Presentation of the Sakura Gallery

As for the Sakura gallery in Paris, we can say, if the term allows, that it is a den of the crazy, an asylum of vanity. This is so, because creativity is loosening like a horse untied from its bridle. It still resembles a fan driven by maximum power, and which produces a stimulating gust of wind in the middle of the slightly whirring contemporary galleries that swarm in the Marais. On two floors, between gaudy white and red walls, one can hear the mirthless laughter of visitors sensitive to the humorous-looking paintings and the nascent exaltation, fish taps, skulls customized by the most renowned street-artists. No one escapes the wildly creative drummer of Sakura's protégés. Nevertheless, don't let yourself be seduced by the appearance of these works which seems strange to you! Know that the intention is based on something whimsical and shameless, yet it is always comical and has to do with what it is about. So be a wise man when you cross the threshold of the Sakura, otherwise your sanity may be damaged by what is waiting for you there.  

The opening of the exhibitions

The Sakura gallery in Paris would welcome the public, to the delight of those who practice urban art for pleasure, at the beginning of June. As the new school year approaches, another exhibition is being prepared to invest the spaces of the renowned Parisian street art gallery. Well installed in the Marais district in the 4th arrondissement of the capital, it is an apartment with the desirable characteristics for all your professional events. Available for rent every day until 11:30 pm, this gallery will provide you with the best conditions for your event to take place as you wish. In order to create a favorable atmosphere, you can bring your food on the spot, your drinks 'Myths & Idols'. Numerous exhibitions have already taken place here, such as the Supersonic Exhibition, the first solo exhibition of Travis Durden. There was also the exhibition 'Hors Cadre'.
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