Bernard Buffet: the paintings that made his success

Bernard Buffet was a popular French painter. His works seduce hundreds of art lovers to this day. This artist created dazzling paintings, among them self-portraits and oil paintings. His works have been exhibited in several museums and galleries.

Bernard Buffet's outstanding works

Notable, Bernard Buffet's paintings, especially his oil paintings, are very expensive. Among these works are La Bretagne, Le Sacré Coeur de Montmartre and the Saint-Jacques tower. Find the famous clowns that made Bernard Buffet famous on the site specializing in the work of Bernard Buffet. The first self-portrait exhibited by the painter dates from 1945. Some of his works such as Self-Portrait in the Bathroom, Holidays in Brittany, The Fudji and The Villa Camellia became popular. Painted in April 1948, Bernard's painting The Drinker was entered in the Young Painting Competition. This event was organized by the Drouant-David gallery. Although it did not win a prize, the work enhanced the artist's popularity.

Other works of the painter

Among the famous paintings of Bernard Buffet is The Black Dahlia. This work illustrates the divorce between contemporary art and the French. The painter created 8,000 paintings, lithographs, watercolors, prints and drawings. Characterized by a symphony of colors in addition, the most recent retrospective exhibition of the artist organized after his death is Le Touquet. It dates from 2015. The event took place at the museum of Le Touquet-Paris-Plage. Representing his wife, the painter's work Annabel testifies to his muse for his beloved. The title has been repeated thirty times in the creations of Bernard Buffet. Still life is one of the artist's favorite themes. Among these pictorial works are Nature morte à la bouteille and Nature Morte aux fruits.

Exhibitions of the artist

The first exhibition of Bernard Buffet's paintings was held in December 1947. It was presented by Pierre Descargues. On this occasion, the State made its first acquisition for the National Museum of Modern Art in Paris. The work exhibited was Nature morte au poulet. During his contract with Maurice Garnier and Emmanuel David, Bernard Buffet received the critics' award for his paintings. An exhibition of his works was organized at the Saint-Placido Gallery in Paris. At that time, he presented La Ravaudeuse de filet. The painter's works have been exhibited abroad, including Chicago, New York, Tokyo, Venice, Milan, Amsterdam, Osaka and Madrid.
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