Do you know the works of Pierre Cornu?

A painter is very well known in France called Pierre Cornu. This artist is marked by his talent and his feeling for colorful canvases. During his life, he dedicated his life to painting and until today, his works are still memorable. Several galleries exhibit the works of Pierre Cornu. His works are special and remarkable. What are his works and where to find Pierre Cornu's works?

Who is Pierre Cornu?

Pierre Cornu was born in November 1895 in Salon-de-Provence and died in 1996 in France. He was a spoiled child and happy in his family since it is a rich family. Pierre Cornu's family was a prosperous merchant or wholesaler in soaps and oils. He will thus have the possibility of devoting his time to his great passion, throughout his life. And this passion is painting. The painter Pierre Cornu is attracted by the color and the drawing. He developed well in his art, his works will be honored in the great salons of Paris.

The beauty of Pierre Cornu's works

The painter Pierre Cornu is charmed by young women in the brightness and he is in love with Provence on which the light magnifies the colors. Pierre Cornu is a calm man and has an optimistic vision, which prompted him to create a soft and voluptuous painting. Since the painter Pierre Cornu is passionate about color, he did not base his work only on women in the glow, but also on flowers and landscapes. He is an excellent painter and a talented still life portraitist.

The art of works of Pierre Cornu

Sometimes, the painter Pierre Cornu often collaborates with other artists in Marseille like René Seyssaud and Auguste Chabaud. At one time he had financial worries. However, he never abandoned his passion for painting and was forced to move to Morocco for a few years to start a new life. Years later in France, the city where he ended his life, he exhibited in the whole region of Aix-en-Provence and its surroundings. He is recognized by all and thus he always received in his workshop famous visitors.
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