Pascal Goet : Art photography in all its states !

Published on : 29 November 20213 min reading time
Pascal Goet is a photographer of the 90s. He is a nature lover since his childhood. After his discoveries of the floral and animal world, he shared his passion for nature with the whole world. The artist Pascal Goet is a photographer of nature in all its states, that is to say that he does not transform any of the forms and natures of the insects or plants that he photographs. This is what makes him a professional in his art.  But who is really Pascal Goet ?

Who is Pascal Goet ?

Pascal Goet is a French photographer who was born in 1958, in the North of France. In 1990, he became a professional macro photographer after many long trips. During his travels, he discovered insects and equatorial forests. As a result, he participated in wildlife film shoots in Zambia, Kenya, Iceland and Spain. Since 1991, the artist Pascal Goet realized many reports about nature, anthropology and science. These reports are published in the international press and in the specialized press. In 2013, he started a project called Gueules d’Enfer (Hell’s Mouths), which is supposed to be a contemporary art project.

A photographer passionate about nature

The artist Pascal Goet is attracted by nature, and this since his childhood. He is marked by his works. In short, he observed nature with intensity. He discovered a prosperity of forms, uneven colors and textures in the animal world. Besides animals, he was also interested in plants and minerals. Thanks to insects, the doors of a seductive parallel world are open for Pascal Goet. He likes to share his passion, so he makes us see his society populated by plants and animals. He explores the essence of creation and then publishes it in full light, for all to see.

A photographer of art in all its states

The photographer Pascal Goet photographs insects with an artistic eye. He does not apply any color or shape modification, he simply uses light and shadow work. Digitally, some parts of the photographed insects are erased or even blurred to give and improve the appearance of the photos.

The photographer said that looking first, feeling and then analyzing the evolution of humanity is linked to the passionate contemplation of nature. Finally, a quest for beauty begins to be initiated. And this beauty is a fundamental beauty to our thirst for art.

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